Say hi to Rhythm Control!

Finally it’s time for us to tell you all about the game we’ve been working on for the last couple of months!
It’s hard for us to explain how much we’ve been looking forward to this moment, but it has kept being pushed forward again and again since we wanted to make sure everything lived up to our high standards before letting you take part of the fun.

Anyway, since both me and Matt are huge fans of music games, we decided to make our first title a music game with gameplay that appeal to our own taste.

The result is what we’ve given the name Rhythm Control, and we have to admit we are really happy with what we’ve created.

We’ve tailored the gameplay to create a game that works as good as possible given the physical features of the iOS platform. What we figured worked best from a gameplay perspective is a pattern of 6 touch sensitive areas spread out over the screen. That way they are big enough to touch even when the difficulty gets to a high level.
NOTE: We won’t take any responsibility for any broken iPad screens when playing our game (yes, the highest difficulty level is really that intense!).

The iPad version of the game will have some note charts specifically designed for the bigger screen and gameplay using more than just two thumbs.
Of course the game runs perfectly fine on iPhone too. And we’ll be including hi resolution retina display support from day one, as well as support for online leaderboards and achievements via Game Center.

In order to help with some of our design decisions we’ve been conducted tests with a lot of people. Both newcomers to the genre as well as hard core rhythm game otakus that we’ve approached in different arcades in Akihabara (Tokyos game and anime district).

Of course, the most important aspect of a rhythm game is the music, and we’ve worked hard to put together a tracklist that we are REALLY proud about. Featuring both some original tracks made specifically for our game, as well as some hand picked songs by both Japanese and European artists. Every track will be presented in the blog in separate posts as we’re getting closer to release the game, but due to the variety we feel confident that everyone will find att least a couple of tracks in the game appealing to your specific taste (as long as they include some sorts of music made with electronic devices).

We currently have 11 confirmed tracks in the game, but the final number will grow by free updates to the game after release. The number will be depending on the number of Twitter followers we will have on the release day, so make sure to follow @daikonsoft right away. If we reach 500 followers we will increase the tracklist by one more song (totaling 12), If we reach 1500, 2 more for a total of 13 songs. And for 3000 followers we will make it 14. More followers than that will make the tracklist grow even further!

Even though we’re really happy with our game, we’re not superhumans knowing everything about how to make awesome music games. We’re sure that all of you out there have some great ideas on how to make our game even better, and of course we will take all your feedback into consideration. Feel free to let us know what you think in the comment box below and we will try to reply to you as quickly as we can.

Thanks for reading, and we hope you’ll enjoy playing Rhythm Control when it hits the App Store this December!

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