Rhythm Control 2 status update

Tweaking the gameplay and adding all the features in Rhythm Control 2 is taking slightly longer than expected. We are currently finishing the last details and will submit the game to Apple very soon!

So what’s new in Rhythm Control 2?

- Several new gameplay features.
- A very polished and refined UI, personally we think that the new game looks way better than the previous one.
- A new tracklist with awesome artists that we’re dying to announce! Of course some of our popular in-house artists have prepared a bunch of new tracks as well.
- A lot of time has been put into creating the note charts for the songs. We’ve made sure that there’s easy tracks for newcomers to enjoy. Of course there’s still a lot of challenges for more advanced players too, including a ridiculously difficult boss song!
- More DLC ready from the start. We intend to release new content to the game on a regular basis. There will be paid DLC as well as some free goodies every now and then.
- An all new experience and unlock system – unlock new tracks and features as you progress in the game.
- Universal app, compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.
- Course mode with support for gamecenter leaderboards. Together with a much more balanced scoring system we hope that this will bring hours of fun for all you hardcore players who want to compete against each other.

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