Rhythm Control 2 is coming soon!

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Happy new year everyone!

We’ve been quiet for a long time, but we’re still alive. We’ve spent all of 2011 working on our next title, and finally we’ve come far enough to let you all know about it.

Rhythm Control 2 will have all new gameplay features and a completely redesigned UI. We’ve also managed to put together a tracklist that we’re very happy about with both old and new artists. Of course there will be plenty of DLC too!

Rhythm Control 2 will be released early 2012. More details soon.

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  • Jebula

    Any updates? I have been refreshing this page every day for few months now.

    • http://www.daikonsoft.com Daikonsoft

      It’s been a bit delayed but we’re about to finish it up now. Expect the game to hit the app store sometime in May.
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    • http://www.daikonsoft.com Daikonsoft

      We’re killing the last bugs atm. The game will be released very soon!

  • Ouendan

    Nice Site >,< love it
    The game reminds me of OSU! :D