Free to play!

We just released a major update to Rhythm Control 2 including a new song – Mr Sheep and Mr Bee by Hideki Kaji, as well as support for iPhone 5 and Twitter and Facebook integration. We also released a new song pack with 3 more songs from 61 Degrees.

With the update, we also decided to make the game free to download and play, and instead inserted ads between the songs to finance the future updates of the game. The ads can be removed by purchasing any of the song packs in the store.

We hope you’ll enjoy the new version of the game, and want to thank all our players for the support!

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  • 이상헌

    I wanna play it in andrioid OS…
    When it release?

    • Jebula

      Same here! Any thoughts on porting this to android?

      - ex-iPhone user

  • Yllom

    I am having i app storecrashes for rhythm control 2 i tryed to download a song pack and after i bought it it said you must download this in order to play it and i didnt see anywhere to do it so i hit restore purhases then it crashed