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Update submitted to Apple

First update to Rhythm Control just got submitted to Apple! Mostly bug-fixes, UI updates and some tweaking of the scoring system. By request, we’ve also added a “very fast” ring speed option and title screen music. iPad support and gamecenter needs a bit more work but should be ready as soon as this update gets […]

Big in Japan!

Yey! We became the #1 music game in the Japanese App Store today! To express our happiness, we’ll work extra hard with implementing support for Game Center. Expect it in an update coming very soon!

A great start, and a official thread.

Since our release we’ve already became the #1 music game in the swedish app store, and is currently #4 in the music game category in the Japanese app store. We are very happy with these results, and really appreciate all the great support and feedback we’ve got. We also set up an official thread for […]


Good news everyone! Rhythm Control is now approved by Apple and can be found in the App Store. Your feedback for future updates will be highly appreciated!

Merry Christmas!

We are happy to announce that the game is complete and will be submitted to Apple for approval. Consider it a christmas gift Thank you EVERYONE for your support!

Final song added!

All of Saturday was spent with ironing out some of the last bugs and touching up some minor details. The final track (at least for the initial release), was also added today. Making all the charts is a tedious work, and we are quite relieved to finally have that part of the job almost done! […]

Almost there!

Sorry for the delay folks. Polishing the UI, adding all the tracks and creating great charts for them has been a lengthier process than we expected. However, we’re just about to wrap it up and send it to Apple now. Hopefully the review process won’t take too long. We’re still aiming for a release before […]

Say hi to Rhythm Control!

Finally it’s time for us to tell you all about the game we’ve been working on for the last couple of months! It’s hard for us to explain how much we’ve been looking forward to this moment, but it has kept being pushed forward again and again since we wanted to make sure everything lived […]

First testing round in Akihabara

Today we did some testing in Akihabara of the alpha version of our upcoming game. Even though we managed to almost scare some of those shy otaku people to death, we also got tons of good feedback about the game. One of the testers went as far as calling it the best music game for […]