Daikonsoft is Said Karlsson (Producer and Designer) and Matt Scott (Programmer).

Said comes from Sweden where he used to make a living writing about games and occasionally also taking photographs for different newspapers and agencies while dreaming of moving to a city with a population greater than all of his home country.

Matt grew up in USA, where he did coding 9-5 until he decided to fulfill his childhood dream and move to the country of noodles, ninjas and hard working men in suits crammed in very small trains.

They met in a school in Tokyo, trying to learn the Japanese language, and their passion for music games combined with their frustration over why all the other music games made for iOS were not really fun to play, made them start Daikonsoft (named after their favorite root vegetable).

If you want to get in touch with them for whatever reason, they can be contacted by puting their surname in front of @daikonsoft.com in any email client.
They will most certainly appreciate any feedback.