8-bit heroes YMCK has composed a new track for us!

Here’s a special treat for all you fans of Rhythm Control: YMCK, one of Japans most prominent chiptunes acts has written a completely new track called “Neko Nadetai” that will see it’s world debut in Rhythm Control 2.

YMCK has been in the business since 2003. Their track record consists of a handful of albums as well as live performances all over the world. They’ve also been featured in several other games.

We’re super thrilled to have YMCK as one of the artists in the game. And we really hope you’ll enjoy the new track as much as we do!

For more information about YMCK, please check their official homepage. Some of their tracks are also available on Myspace.

  • Vledder

    I’m looking for the lyrics of this song, because I like it so much?
    Can you help me?